Friday, January 6, 2017

Minecraft Creations

So I built these years ago but I was revisiting them today and thought these are so friggin cool and also why did I spend so much time on this.

I spent days upon days building this crazy tree. I love it.


Along the outside of the trunk is a hidden staircase that can be found at the bottom lefthand root of the tree. It spirals around the outside of the trunk slightly perilously and ends at the top of the trunk where the branches begin.
Inside the trunk

Between the branches
From there you are able to access a hidden pool that leads into the trunk of the tree, and also hidden homes within the lower branches. If you climb further you may come to the town center within the canopy.

The town in the tree

The library

The market

The butchers

The blacksmiths and bakery above

The grocers and the restaurant above
That's it. That's the tree. There's also a staircase that leads to the outside of the leaves where you can get a birds eye view of the rest of the world.

Medieval viking town
 For instance this viking town, complete with  (left to right) a hunters cabin, windmill, barn, lookout tower, a lovely home, library, butchers shop and house, blacksmiths house, a bakery, and town hall. These were all made using Axianerve's tutorials.

Mountainside castle with precarious steps
leading to and from the village below 
Not to mention a castle built into the side of the mountain, fully designed by me and built with the help of my siblings.

Hot air balloon

A hot air balloon made by watching Lezaur's video VERY CLOSELY.

Perhaps my favorite thing, next to my magnificent fairy tree, is the Zen Garden:

Birds eye view
 This piece again was designed by myself (I know I took the pagoda from a picture I saw online but there's only so much you can copy from one picture, and I don't think I used tutorials for the other two buildings, but I could be wrong.) and built with the help of my siblings.
 The pagoda has six tiers, with a dojo at the bottom, next a restaurant, an inn, and a meditation garden with a tree reaching through the next two tiers, and a light beacon at the top.
Bath house

Tea House

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