Friday, January 6, 2017

Minecraft Creations

So I built these years ago but I was revisiting them today and thought these are so friggin cool and also why did I spend so much time on this.

I spent days upon days building this crazy tree. I love it.


Along the outside of the trunk is a hidden staircase that can be found at the bottom lefthand root of the tree. It spirals around the outside of the trunk slightly perilously and ends at the top of the trunk where the branches begin.
Inside the trunk

Between the branches
From there you are able to access a hidden pool that leads into the trunk of the tree, and also hidden homes within the lower branches. If you climb further you may come to the town center within the canopy.

The town in the tree

The library

The market

The butchers

The blacksmiths and bakery above

The grocers and the restaurant above
That's it. That's the tree. There's also a staircase that leads to the outside of the leaves where you can get a birds eye view of the rest of the world.

Medieval viking town
 For instance this viking town, complete with  (left to right) a hunters cabin, windmill, barn, lookout tower, a lovely home, library, butchers shop and house, blacksmiths house, a bakery, and town hall. These were all made using Axianerve's tutorials.

Mountainside castle with precarious steps
leading to and from the village below 
Not to mention a castle built into the side of the mountain, fully designed by me and built with the help of my siblings.

Hot air balloon

A hot air balloon made by watching Lezaur's video VERY CLOSELY.

Perhaps my favorite thing, next to my magnificent fairy tree, is the Zen Garden:

Birds eye view
 This piece again was designed by myself (I know I took the pagoda from a picture I saw online but there's only so much you can copy from one picture, and I don't think I used tutorials for the other two buildings, but I could be wrong.) and built with the help of my siblings.
 The pagoda has six tiers, with a dojo at the bottom, next a restaurant, an inn, and a meditation garden with a tree reaching through the next two tiers, and a light beacon at the top.
Bath house

Tea House

Sunday, March 6, 2016

His Grace is Sufficient for Me

Forgiving yourself.
This is a concept I've been struggling with - I want to say lately, but - my whole life.
I don't quite know how to come at it, because the phrase sounds very secular. Never once in the bible does it talk about forgiving yourself. All the articles I can find about have to do with accepting God's forgiveness, but somehow this strikes me as different. I know God forgives me, but I must admit I find it hard to comprehend. If I can't get past my own faults, assuming I am a selfish being by nature (and therefore wish to think highly of myself), how can the God of the universe move past them? This is silly reasoning of course, but that's not really what I want to talk about.
Almost all of my self hatred and regrets in life are relational. My biggest fear in life is misunderstanding. The fear that my actions or words or things left unsaid will have a negative effect. Let me clarify here: I am not so worried about what people think of me based on these misunderstandings (though that is part of it), but more how I may hurt someone. It is impossible for me to know everyone's deepest struggles, and it is impossible for them to fill in my blanks. So we are misunderstood.
I have many philosophies of why I speak first and think later, but the bottom line is I can hurt people with my words. This pierces me deeply. Even since I was small I would lie in bed and cry for my regrets - the people I had unintentionally hurt. Some would argue that this is just guilt, and though it is, I feel it goes deeper than that. I know I am forgiven for the future, but that doesn't change the past. No matter the forgiveness, I have still hurt someone, and that can never be reversed. God has forgiven me, but I am caught in the beleif that is between me and Him, and does not help the person I have wronged. Though deep down I know it can. Even now I often lie awake at night, thinking about this in endless circles until there's tear stains on the pillow case and I still have no answer. Perhaps the thing that plagues me the most is that no matter how hard I try I will do it again. And again. And again. And If forgiveness is repenting of your sins and not continuing to live in your sins then how can I be forgiven? It angers me that my thoughts can't keep up with my mouth. I don't just mean that I speak before I think. It takes me days, even weeks, to come up with a proper answer to the most basic of questions. Obviously, if I waited that long, the people I was speaking to would be long gone. So I speak when I'm spoken to; and then some.
Many times I simply hope that people will understand my good intentions - give me the benefit of the doubt. Because of my insecurities, I often do this for others. Not always, but sometimes. But I have realized this is not the case, and even those I thought knew me don't seem to get it. My own insicurities come in the way of my relationship with them: Do they truly have such a negative image of me? Do they think I am so shallow that I do not to realize the harm I have done? That is perhaps the worst part.
The worst image I could think of is someone who doesn't care for other people. Problem is, I suppose I care too much, or perhaps in the wrong way. But who is able to see this in a person, much less in a person like me? My self hatred comes into play yet again. It is arguable that I care too much about other people's opinion, and I should care more about Gods opinion. This is true. Completely and entirely true. But as a Christian, I am called to love. How can the people surrounding me feel Gods love in me if all I do is hurt them? I often feel that they cannot.
In our society today, a popular viewpoint is to look after yourself. You shouldn't care what people think of you, and besides they probably didn't even notice or care, and they should 'just get over it!' These are common phrases. Many times I am tempted to take this view point, in order to console myself. 'I'm probably making it a bigger deal than it actually is.' But I've learned that the smallest thing can hurt someone deeply. How can we expect them to simply brush it off? How is that love?
I don't know if I'll ever find the answer. Sometimes I wonder if I know it already. I suppose some of this is tied in my struggle with my own unworthiness before God. But is forgiving yourself a part of faith? The idea sounds so self-righteous to me. Who are we, of all people, to judge ourselves?

After re reading this several times, I have come to see the fault of this thinking. Somehow in the midst of it all I have become so caught up in my own insecurities that it is no longer about the person I have wronged, but about me.  I feel so terrible.  I am a pitiful human being. In the end I am being eaten up by guilt so much it has brought me further from the truth. And all for nothing. What is in the past is in the past. I must humble myself and ask for fogiveness, both from God, and from the people I have wronged. Dwelling in the past is only wallowing in misery. In this way the devil keeps me from moving on into a brighter future. The only thing that matters is God's forgiveness for me. It has wiped away all my sins.

“For as the heavens are high above the earth, so great is His mercy toward those who fear Him; as far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.” ~Psalm 103:11-12

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Found some pretty sweet tunes by 'Jer & Brie' recently.

You can download them for free, or leave a tip here.

(Gotta love the centered, italic font, i know.)